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I'm having one of those periods (menstrual, not stretch of time) where you're like "excuse me, body, is this even real?" To make this even more delightful the only thing that even begins to kill my cramps is naproxin which gives me this overwhelming soporific side effect where I honest to god fell asleep sitting up charting today. Fell asleep sitting up in a rolly chair in the middle of a task. I felt it coming on, too, and I was like "get up get up get up" then I woke up suddenly snorting. So elegant. Guess what? I also had no tampons and had to ask around for one. Life, so good.

Tomorrow I will finish one of the fics I've got going on. I won't allow myself to surf political blogs for lols, I swear!

Which brings me to: all the Romney lols. Are you fucking kidding me? If you don't read metafilter, start. There's an epic thread about Romney's "gaffe"--let's get real, this was not a gaffe. This is the last gasp of rich white people trying to reconstruct the government so that anyone not like them can even have a modicum of agency.

REGISTER TO VOTE. If you are registered to vote, make sure you really are. Luckily I live in a state that tried to fuck over the disenfranchised with "voter reform" but I know I'm still registered because I got an absentee ballot in the mail. You might not be so fortunate. Sort your shit out.

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kassie i am sorry but nothing you will ever write will surpass the idea of iskierka running a geocities website and being obsessed with blingee.
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Ok. I would read this. WHY? WHY DO YOU EVEN EXIST? Why are you on tumblr linking me to shit like this?

Why isn't there as many NN books as PO books?

I want all the dragon books. I have never given a shit about dragons before.

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I bet in Harry Potter world you can get a moving tattoo. I think you get my gist.

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The Romney 47% was the most honest he's been since he started running in 2007. He's managed to piss off tons of people with that video too.

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I imagine that he's given man similar speeches, so he's been lucky, really.

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Basically, I just want Romney to talk off the cuff for the rest of his campaign. Anytime he flies without carefully prepared speeches, he reveals himself to be the totally horrifying out of touch rich white imperialist that the left already knew he was. Especially when he pulls his "I'm just like you, really...." shit. It's amazing.

Also, a friend I met at a tech girls meetup is part of team that created a completely rad online voting tool thingie: TurboVote ( I am in love -- I'm already registered (natch), so I don't know how that functions, but I did sign up for their reminders and shit, and it is ON POINT. And NationBuilder lets you claim your voter record (, which is fucking cool and also run by lady nerds.

All of this is keeping me distracted from the one Republican I work with -- who is a Puerto Rican dude with daughters. Three of us actually asked him the other day how he supports a party that DOESN'T LIKE HIM OR HIS CHILDREN. Ugh.

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The voting against your own interest issue is one I'm confronted with daily where I am. The Right's rhetoric has really gotten through to the elderly and many Reagan democrats who voted for Obama. It's the old if you're going to tell a lie, tell a big lie thing--and it's worked!

I hope that the left growing a spine isn't a too little too late situation (obviously).

Mittens is a lizard person.

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It's baffling to me. Every single person who's examined his plans has noted that the elderly will be fucked. And yet.

We'll see. You're right about Mittens.
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Yeah, Romney's "gaffe" sure was not a gaffe. I had the soul crushing job of waitressing and cocktailing (mind out of gutters. please) at a predominately Republican country club. The things I heard would make what Romney said sound so innocent and progressive.

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That job sounds pretty fucking horrible. However, I'm surrounded by people these days who use language like "queers" and "the blacks" like that's ok and natural and it's always expressing an opinion that these wastrels are fucking up the country and fucking over all the hard working people whose parents have IRAs.

How dare the proles attempt to get college educations? Affirmative Action is fucking over god-loving white people!