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2012-10-11 08:40 pm

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Not even gonna cut this.


Who is this dude? He's not even Justin who I took a while to adjust to.

This guy is not nearly hot enough. Are you kidding me? Ollie is the hottest. No.


Even the dumb Aquaman pilot was better.

Why you gotta hurt me, The CW?
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2012-10-04 12:00 pm

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One of these days I'm going to wild out at the grocery store over people not respecting the sanctity of the express line. Yesterday I got behind the singularity of bullshit: one person buying a week's worth of groceries (this far exceeded 15 items) followed by someone writing a check. STOP WRITING CHECKS, IT'S 2012. I fucking hate check writers. UGH! Also what happened to people waving you through ahead of them when you have a gallon of milk (only) and they're buying enough food for a soccer team? COMMON DECENCY HAS DIED. /old southern person who does not like yankee ways or assholes

I'm even more surprised than you that I watched this. Supernatural )
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2012-09-21 06:13 pm

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Well, the day has come. The day I admit to myself that Teen Wolf happened to me so that I could write about vampires some more. Because? Writing about vampires is what I do.

I toyed with writing the Jossverse/TW xover, but I'm going to leave that to Kita when she finishes the episodes. I know we can count on that since the two universes mesh pretty well.

If you know me at all, I think you can figure out the "plot" without me really having to get into it. I mean WHO COULD THE VAMPIRE BE?????

At any rate, what I'm really here for (not my shame) is to link you to this: Muérdago For the last little bit instead of working on my own stories, I've been helping with this one. If you like my stuff, you'll probably like this since the author and I have similar worldviews. Read it!
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2012-09-20 06:36 pm

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TW thought from S2 finale )

Anyway, that's relevant to my fic writing purposes.
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2012-09-19 07:52 pm

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I'm having one of those periods (menstrual, not stretch of time) where you're like "excuse me, body, is this even real?" To make this even more delightful the only thing that even begins to kill my cramps is naproxin which gives me this overwhelming soporific side effect where I honest to god fell asleep sitting up charting today. Fell asleep sitting up in a rolly chair in the middle of a task. I felt it coming on, too, and I was like "get up get up get up" then I woke up suddenly snorting. So elegant. Guess what? I also had no tampons and had to ask around for one. Life, so good.

Tomorrow I will finish one of the fics I've got going on. I won't allow myself to surf political blogs for lols, I swear!

Which brings me to: all the Romney lols. Are you fucking kidding me? If you don't read metafilter, start. There's an epic thread about Romney's "gaffe"--let's get real, this was not a gaffe. This is the last gasp of rich white people trying to reconstruct the government so that anyone not like them can even have a modicum of agency.

REGISTER TO VOTE. If you are registered to vote, make sure you really are. Luckily I live in a state that tried to fuck over the disenfranchised with "voter reform" but I know I'm still registered because I got an absentee ballot in the mail. You might not be so fortunate. Sort your shit out.
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2012-09-17 07:09 pm

life ruined, check

K, so now I have two fics going. This is getting way out of hand. I'm also betaing fis again. I don't even remember the last fandom I did that in. This is all-in commitment is what I'm saying, kids.

I hear some people on my flist are into this:

list of bottom derek fics/stop stiles fics Go here to leave her links.
list of bottom derek fics
top stiles fics

Now to zag, why is Grimm already on a minor hiatus and are they trying to kill it by moving it to Friday? Fuckwaddle!

Wait. James Purefoy is going to be on a new American tv show with KEVIN BACON? What the fuck is that even? It's on Fox so there will be five episodes. Hopefully James will be naked in all five episodes.
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2012-09-14 07:31 pm

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I just wrote this comment fic in someone else's journal. We were talking about the lack of dark fic in TW fandom. I think one of the reasons I fell so hard into SPN fandom, lo these many years ago, is that it afforded the opportunity to be dark as hell. I missed that from Buffy.

I'd really like to see some dark themed fic in TW. I mean, the Argents--what the hell else is out there? Derek's family-related pain is off the table for me since I've become a Derek-feel maniac and just want him to be happy. Yeah, shut up.

I already have a fic going. Do you know how long it's been since I ended up working on more than one fic at a time? I think it was probably Angel fandom. Do you see a theme?

Gifs, links, recs, fics you want written?
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2012-09-11 04:23 pm

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Ugh. I just had that "I typed a whole post and lj magicked away" happen. YIPPEE!

Anyway. I thought if I wrote out that one story that I'd purge the universe out of my subconscious and move on since I am out of the habit of bothering to write fic.

No really. Stop laughing. I don't laugh at your when you're being delusional (wait, no I do).

1300 words in an hour indicated I might be in for a deluge.

This story is even OTP compliant. WHY? HOW? WHERE DO YOU GO FOR HELP? <---- Derek feels the same way, I promise you.

I have to spend a lot of time at the hospital tomorrow related to someone else having surgery tomorrow, so I guess I'll take my computer.

Now you, writing/reading?

Also, what are the rules on AO3? Is the expectation the same that non-dicks reply to all their fb? Do people reply to comments there? I'm at a loss.
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2012-09-09 07:33 pm

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Teen Wolf: Buoyancy 2/2 )

@ Ao3 That's new for me. I'm considering backing up everything there, but, god, what a pain.
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2012-09-09 07:33 pm

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I spent most of today harvesting lavender and capnip. I smell glorious.

Ok, here's my story that got way out of control, got a mind of it's own, and wouldn't let me abandon it (even though I tried).

Bunny betaed this for me, thought of the title, and basically put up with my shit. I thank her exuberantly.

This story is not Derek/Stiles.

Teen Wolf: Buoyancy 1/2 )

the rest
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2012-09-08 05:06 pm

I live in a swing state, second week of September.

Why is there an ad with Mike Huckabee's smug face shot like a ambulance chasing attorney's urging me to call a hotline to sign a petition to repeal Obamacare? That is, to sign a petition to get the Senate to revote on the legislation? How is this a thing? I do not believe this is how our government works.

From the website: The Supreme Court has spoken . . . ObamaCare was upheld by the high court. We must increase pressure on our elected officials because the future of our nation is at stake, and we need your help to force a FULL repeal before it’s too late.

Since President Barack Obama signed the Healthcare Act into law, we have delivered more than 2.1 million of your petitions demanding the repeal of this disastrous and budget-busting takeover of the American healthcare system. If we want ObamaCare repealed in its entirety, we must flood the White House with a second wave of your petitions!

For the good of America, please sign the petition and give as generously as you can. Millions of our voices will force our elected officials to honor the will of the American people, and Washington must be made to listen right now because time is running out.

What the actual fuck?

The Supreme Court has spoken...let's figure out a way to do an end run on that! Hey, remember when the Supreme Court spoke to rig the Presidential election? You fucks didn't seem to mind that at all.

The fine print: Gifts are not tax deductible. Right, because this is a SuperPAC, you dicksmacks.


Now for something nice to rinse away the Tea Party.

Recap of TW pilot by [ profile] starbolin To be a series.
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2012-09-07 06:29 pm

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Yeah, so, the DNC. I'm not Bill Clinton's biggest fan (for the people flapping about how centrist/right Obama is, um, Bill was pretty much 10X worse). However, who could resist that master class on how to deliver policy in a down-homey, aw-shucks, now listen to this part folks, way? He demolished the wackos while pandering to the base. I, for one, was impressed that we're going there this year. That combined with Obama's speech make me hopeful that a second term will be a go-for-broke HURRYHURRYHURRY attempt to actually legislate the Liberal Agenda. It'll be a no-go since we're not focusing on the House, but at this point my focus is the Supreme Court more than anything else. Put Hils on the Court. Oh, the schadenfreude that will be had by Right Thinkers.

Anyway, how about Simone Campbell?

DNC speech

Daily Beast on her

Hilarious blog commentary stolen from Dine

On Colbert This is about the College of Bishops denouncing American nuns as being "radical feminists."

While I have expressed my opinions quite liberally about so-called Christians, I find committed Christians who work for the marginalized extremely inspiring. The idea of their religion when actualized like this is (naturally) very appealing to leftwing nutjobs like me.

I really enjoy seeing a nun bring it to Ryan, calling him out as a disgusting human being. In a nice way.


And then there was this. Not every day you see pro-athletes supporting anything gay. You want to click this.

Which leads me to this. Obama's It Gets Better vid. If you're still not feeling it, click.
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2012-09-04 04:59 pm

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Remember when I was asking about the TW novel?

slythhearted read it for us!

Bullet points! No need to infect yourself.

I was just on a site that looked like a Pokemon vomited all over it. yes, this is about that dumb show )

If you're assuming I had nothing to do this afternoon after being condescended at by a Home Depot employee (seriously, I'm not a flooring expert, SURPRISE!, that's why I'm asking you questions), you would be correct.
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2012-08-31 06:15 pm

jobs you didn't know existed

Direct link to a this series of posts about being a Party Princess.

There's a lot going on in her commentary. A quote: I think I mentioned before that some little boys who are invited get little kid crushes on the princesses. Especially if they're between 5 and 7 years old. They want to answer every question first and win every game in your honor. They pull your seat out for you to sit down and hand you your storybook. They want a picture with the princess and get mercilessly teased for it by their parents, who are apparently hateful bastards. You wouldn't tease your daughter for it, so why your son?

I'm so cynical that when I read things like this I assume that the person relating the information is just lying. Maybe I need to get into My Little Pony or something? She picced or it didn't happen.

This idea of Disney fandom struck me because I'd never thought of it before...but OF COURSE.


Sigh. Also rec me TW fic because I think I've reached the end of the internet.
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2012-08-30 10:24 pm

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Arg. Why did I run out of shit to watch? The Convention is just making me hate these fuckers so much more.

Marco Rubio, diaf. Politicians from Florida are the WORST. This is on both sides of the isle.

So Isaac flooded my home town AGAIN. We're all thinking about moving home. What I get from the Republicans is that abortion is horrible and Obama fucked the economy. How about timely issues? Fuck these dudes.

I don't give a shit about what Anne Romney thinks. She's the anti-My Mom. Sorry, but I grew up with women who worked their asses off to have careers, who sacrificed, who loved their daughters enough to blaze a trail.

Arg. How is this even my country.
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2012-08-27 09:43 pm


1. I'm about to make a tumblr account just to troll. This is the sighting of the bottom, right?

2. Is anyone planning to legit attempt to win the TW fanfic contest? It couldn't be too hard. Clearly they just want an episode clone fic without any slash. How hard could that be? This is a show with a lizard man. Just curious.

3. I saw a double rainbow today. Is this an omen my life is looking up? A DOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUBLLLLLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEE RAAAAAAAAAAAAIIINNNNNNNNNNNBOOOOOOOOW. It was actually pretty damned cool since it was stretching right across my neighborhood and super vibrant. If I knew how to get pics off my phone I'd post one.

4. My mind is still blown by TB. If I wasn't in the middle of a novel about Danny Mahealani I'd write all the Eric and Nora through the years fic ever.
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2012-08-26 10:01 pm

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So I have directv therefore I no longer have Comedy Central. This lead me to try to watch Colbert online. But I can't just watch tv anymore, so I was multitasking by looking at Sam's tumblr. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. But anyway. That lead me to Liz's tumblr. And in a furious clusterfuck of epic proportions I found myself realizing that Tyler Hoechlin is actually attractive with his real hair while smiling.

Why? Why?

New depths.

Also, I keep directv because my only other option is Time Warner and that shit ain't gonna happen.

Active fandom is fun, so I won't complain too much.

True Blood )

I used to be ashamed of this show. Then Teen Wolf. Whatever.
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2012-08-25 05:51 pm

(no subject)


In the book?


In other news, Inception is on tv while I'm fucking around on the internet. Once again all the jangly bits are bothering me. Why is Saito in Mombasa? WHY?

Since the new Batman movie came out I've read/heard a lot of criticism of Nolan. Often enough this extends to Inception but I think that's really reaching. I still think it's the smartest blockbuster ever made.