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posted by [identity profile] anatsuno.livejournal.com at 02:08pm on 21/09/2012
And Derek scratched Jackson and gave him nightmares and shit all without actually turning him, before all the bite/Kanima business - didn't he?
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posted by [personal profile] velithya at 03:08pm on 21/09/2012
Yeah, that's its own thing too - wolf nails in the back of the neck seem to pass along memories and emotions, because Derek got Jackson (although Derek wasn't the alpha then) and (S1 alpha) Peter also did it to Scott (although Scott was already a werewolf). That seems to have intent matter though - because I don't think Derek meant to scratch Jackson given he was all out of control and aconite poisoned at the time, and all Jackson got delayed reaction dreams and stuff, whereas when Peter scratched Scott he had an immediate sense-memory reaction to it. That said it could also be that Jackson was human and Scott was a werewolf, or alternately that Derek was only a beta then and Peter was an alpha.

Needs a larger sample size!
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when Peter put his nails in Kate's neck before ripping her throat out, seems like she got his memories as well
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posted by [personal profile] velithya at 03:43pm on 21/09/2012
hmm, I don't remember Peter wolf-nailing Kate! Was that when he disarmed her outside the house? When Allison gets inside he's already holding her in the crook of his elbow ready to rip her throat out? Or do you mean that his nails drew blood from the front of her neck?

My interpretation of the scene (obviously I can't speak for the official interpretation!) was just that he was clearly going to rip her throat out, and here she was facing the absolutely unavoidable consequences of her actions, and the only thing she can do, the only think she can do that might salvage anything out of the situation, is to try and make it so that Peter doesn't kill Allison too. I think that's what caused the emotions we see on her rather than anything about Peter's memories. Kate knows she burned however many people alive, she knows and she doesn't care, because she was there and she laughed. I don't think she would have the kind of emotional reaction we saw her have from her getting Peter's memories. But! YMMV :)
posted by [identity profile] just-for-kicks.livejournal.com at 05:11pm on 21/09/2012
No from what I recall, he put his nails on her neck, about to rip her throat out, and as she's falling to the ground after he does that , they literally showed clips of the fire (the hands from the window, peter, etc...) which indicated to me that she was seeing his memories, not that peter was having a flashback. The fact is, seeing Peter's memories or not, I don't think she'd show emotions at all - she's not really sorry, and she still thinks what she did was right.
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Ah right, I think I get what you're saying. Thinking about it more, I don't think that was a flashback Peter was having but it also doesn't ring to me like it's Kate getting his memories either. It sort of felt to me like it was the show, contrasting Kate as she dies with what she'd done, and with the final (and main) perpetrator finally dying sort of putting the whole thing to rest. ...And then, of course, Peter turns out to be actually crazycakes and we know how that ends.

I absolutely do agree with you that Kate isn't sorry and she definitely thinks that what she did was right! But she definitely does show emotions in the episode - when Peter has her by the throat she's pale and shaking and her face is wet. She knows she's about to die and there is absolutely nothing she can do to save herself.
posted by [identity profile] just-for-kicks.livejournal.com at 03:47am on 22/09/2012
hah, agree to disagree on that first point.

On that second point I read you were saying wrong. I think she's showing emotion because she knows she's going to die and that Allison will see it and she doesn't want Allison to get hurt, and not because she's remorseful, which is what Peter "wanted" (though it wouldn't matter since he wanted her dead, and Kate is not erally sorry).


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