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I don't recall anything about intent and I'm halfway through a S1 rewatch - I'll keep my ears peeled for anything to the contrary.

I think in canon intent doesn't matter.

Jeff did say on his twitter that Derek didn't mean to bite Victoria Argent (I guess it was self-defence) and there was no intent to make her a wolf but the bite was deep.

Though what that implies for things going wrong I don't know because Derek bit Jackson with intent and that got FUBAR'd.

So how much of the turn depends on intent by the Alpha, the amount of serum or enzyme transmitted by the bite, the host being able to fight off or be immune to the serum/enzyme (Lydia) and how much emotional & other baggage the host drags along to fuck up the process (Jackson - if we believe Peter's orphan explanation) is anyone's guess!

I also want to know if the site of the bite is relevant in any way? Jackson, Scott, Lydia were all bitten deep in the side, Victoria on the shoulder, when Peter offered Stiles the bite he was going for an arm (same as Gerard). I'm guessing as long as you hit near some big veins/arteries to get the maximum amount of serum in the site doesn't matter.

ETA: I've just finished watching 1x09 and at the end of that Kate and Chris discuss whether a scratch from the claws of a werewolf can turn - Chris seems to think that if they go deep enough they can. So how that impacts I have no idea.

Wonder if the show has an answer or whether they're just winging it as they go along?!
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Well, wrt Chris and Kate's conversation - I get the feeling that some of what the Argents in particular and hunters in general believe to be true might, in fact, be their own version of fanon. :P

(But really, no, I do think that the show is mostly winging it. They clearly didn't do much in the way of attempting to make the SETTING make a lick of sense, so I doubt they're overly concerned regarding anything else. /snarky Californian.)
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some of what the Argents in particular and hunters in general believe to be true might, in fact, be their own version of fanon

I am absolutely sure you're correct. I bet there's whole lot interesting misconceptions waiting to be explored! *G*
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Yeah, the setting is an issue. Made up town is fine, but WHERE is this made up town? Oh, you don't want to tell us because you don't want to mess with consistent weather conditions? I see what you did there.

I agree that they're winging it (how can anyone think otherwise?) and that hunters probably make shit up--and that allows them to fumble the ethics of any given situation however they want. I'm leaning towards actually thinking Chris is a good guy, but that seems more accidental than anything else.
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1. Winging it. This is clear from how the plot bumps along.

2. I'm also in the fanwank pseudoscience camp that turning is determined by how much enzyme gets into the blood stream and how susceptible the host is to the chemical. They even call it natural immunity, right? Or is that also fanon? I guess I need to lay off the fanfic.

I likewise just assume the hunters have all kinds of misconceptions about all supernatural creatures/events. They're not exactly unbiased.

I can't imagine the site is important at all except for as you said to maximize saliva transfer. One would assume you'd want to stay away from doing so much damage that the bite doesn't get a chance to work before the recipient bleeds to death, too.


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